"There are things that one simply wouldnīt see if we didnīt photograph them"
The Caxa Image Group was founded 1994 and comprises six photographers and some having
other ordinary occupations. For leisure we are working with different photography projects, either together or in smaller groups.
As photographers we are very different - both in interest and the way of expression. Our photo discussions give us construcive criticism as well as exciting inspiration to come up with new
solutions in our photography.
We participate successfully in national and international photography salons - and we all have received AFIAP status.

It is important to us to show our photographs in public - so every year we have a large common exhibition. We agree upon a subject, shooting the

photographs singly or as a group, making the photo analyses together and then the final selection and hanging. The exhibitions are shown in both traditional showrooms and on display at our web-gallery.

All our photos are, of course for sale or why not rent a selected set as adomment in a dreary office environment for a while?

To contact us, send us an e-mail  kontakt at caxa dot org   Text på svenska